About Pouchee



If you are someone who likes to be organized, then you will understand why the handbag organizer is rapidly becoming the essential accessory for every busy woman. Since its launch in US almost 10 years ago, Pouchee has become the leading brand of personal handbag organizers with a full range of styles, sizes and colours.

The End of Handbag Chaos

Have you ever ´lost your keys´ in your handbag. You know they must be there but you just cannot find them? Or you hear your mobile ringing in your handbag, and begin scrambling to pull it out before it stops ringing? Or how about you want to change handbags to match your outfit but the thought of taking everything out and putting it in the new bag is just too much?

Pouchee organizers end all of this. Designed to be functional and fashionable, a Pouchee organizer is the accessory that you will find will quickly become a must have in your handbag - whichever one you choose to take with you.

They are practical, stylish, fun and fashionable. Watch the reaction when you pull yours out with friends! 


    The Pouchee Handbag Organiser